Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some friends of the family


Part of Bollan's extended family, a kind of adopted uncle for the kids, rescued from the souvenir shop at the Natural History Museum in Oslo. He doesn't speak much, just the odd grunt. He very much fears there will be a new Ice Age, as he barely survived the last one, but now he has his scarf to keep him warm during the Nordic winters :)

The Elephant:

A housewarming gift from some friends, meant as a mount for The Great Boll. He walks, flaps his ears and blows his trunk. The Boll proved to be a little too round, so she kept rolling off his back when he raised his head, so some kind of harness and a wagon will have to be constructed.

The Fox:

At first he was feared by The Boll because of his sharp teeth, but evetually he convinced her that he wouldn't bite. Now they're the best of friends :)


A monster from outer space. The story goes that he sleeps on the bottom of the Pacific, but we know better! He's good friends with Bollan and several other plushie creatures, and now recides happily on our bedroom shelf.


Meant as a friend for The Boll, but he's always a little anxious that she'll get hungry and eat him! Poor thing. So far she hasn't touched him, but maybe she just likes to play with her food...


A Furby baby, named after a certain (in)famous football player. He mostly sits on a shelf and sleeps the days away. Occasionally he wakes up and sings funny songs for us :)

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