Monday, January 4, 2010

Bollan's Christmas holiday 2009

It was quite the eventful holiday this Christmas, as the whole family got to go along. Usually she comes with us on holiday by herself, while the family stays behind to watch over the apartment. Here they are all getting ready to go:

First they were reunited with some old friends, one of which is a very distant relative of the Boll from China. You can guess who that is :)

Then it was time for some preparations. Of course Bollan wanted to help, so she had us make her an apron for the baking. She loved making cookies in all kinds of yummy shapes, like bats, frogs and hearts. She wanted to make hegdehog cookies, too, but I'm not so sure we'd have the heart to eat them!

Piggen, Bollan's husband, naturally had the role of family Santa and had to get his own hat. Tiny and Iggy played Santa's little helpers.

When Christmas Eve finally arrived, the family even got a present all for themselves! Bollan opened it very carefully (because some obsessive people - like me - collect wrapping paper), and revealed a picture frame with lots of hedgehog pictures :) Later the pictures will probably be replaced with some of Bollan and her family.

Early on New Year's Eve she went for a walk on a frozen lake. It was a little scary, but the ice was about 8 inches thick, so there was nothing to worry about. It was just very, very cold. Good thing she had her vest to keep her warm :)

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