Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best wishes

Bollan and her family and friends hope that you have all had a happy Christmas, and wish that the new year will bring you many good things and hedgehogs :)

The beginning

Here are a few facts about the origins of The Great Boll, and the beginning of the story about a quite famous hedgehog plushie.

She's originally from China, but remembers little from her time there. She was sent to a toy store in Bergen, Norway, where she was picked up by a nice guy as a Christmas present for his girlfriend (me!). This was in 2004. Therefore her birthday is 24th of December, and she's 5 years old.

The girlfriend immediately fell in love with her new hedgie and named her Bolla Hedgehog (Bolla'n/Bollan for short), and the plushie followed her everywhere. Sadly there are very few pictures of Bollan from the first year of her life, but here is one, where she's sitting on a shelf with some of her friends:

In 2005 she traveled to London, but unfortunately there are no pictures documenting her visit :( She stayed in the hotel most of the time, so there wouldn't be much to take photos of anyway.

In the summer of 2006 she began showing up in pictures more and more, demanding we'd make her look pretty. Here she has borrowed my grandmother's summer hat:

Spring 2007 she went on a five-month trip to Egypt, where she totally ruled as Pharaoh of the Two Lands! But that's another story for another time :) Here's a picture to enjoy while you wait, of her posing with the head of Ramses II in Luxor:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Greetings :)

Hello and welcome to all you hedgehog-friendly people! This is a blog about The Great Boll (called Bollan among friends), her family and friends (which she has lots of). As you can see she has her own Facebook page, where you can become fans (she collects them), and her humble owner's (read: servant'sFlickr page contains loads of pictures of her. This blog has actually existed for some time, and it has now finally been decided that the new year (2010) will be a good time to start posting about the pretty plushie's life and adventures. So stay tuned for news about The Boll :)

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