Monday, January 4, 2010

Introducing the family


Bollan's devoted husband. His name means "Spiky", but he's really a big softie. He's actually a hot water bottle cozy, and is therefore pretty floppy and spineless, but Bollan likes him :) He's good at taking care of the family when Bollan goes on holiday. Prefers wine rather than beer.


Oldest son, has been away at school in Sweden for a long time, so he speaks mostly Swedish. A cool kid with earpiercings and everything. He's called Iggy because the Swedish for "hedgehog" is "igelkott". Like his father he likes wine, even though he's a little too young.


Youngest child and daughter. She has a pet, The Mouse, a somewhat failed attempt at a felt Christmas decoration made many years ago. She will probably grow up to like beer, like her mother. Should we be worried?

Humpty Dumpty:

Youngest son. Got his name because of his body shape, not because he breaks easily :) A finger puppet.

The cousin:

Hasn't really got a name yet, he's just called The Cousin. Never says anything, but is always there :)

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