Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Boll

Last night we celebrated midsummer with a great big bonfire, and it has been tradition for the children to dress up in costumes for this celebration. Bollan was very sad that she couldn't find a pretty costume in time, but the evening turned out to be fun anyway :) We even built a teeny tiny beacon out of gravel! We couldn't light a tiny fire on the beacon, so we put a pretty white pebble on top instead :)

For most of the evening, Bollan and Glyptodon were both nice and warm snuggled up in my bag, plus it kept most of the smoke (and smell!) away :)

Though the weather was great, it became a quite chilly after a while, so it was nice to move a little closer to the fire than the rest of the crowd to keep warm.

Sadly for Bollan there were no beer around yesterday, but she did manage to steal a few sips of my apple cider. She's a sneaky little Boll!

Apparently she sipped a little more of my cider than I'd suspected, she needed a little rest by the road on the walk back to the house after the party :p

Cheers! Hope everyone had a good time last night, whatever you were doing :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Come rain or shine...

Bollan came along to visit my grandmother this weekend, and she'd been looking forward to roaming around in her very big garden. Unfortunately it started to rain on Friday afternoon, and it was either raining, windy or wet all weekend. It's not easy being a little Boll, she doesn't like to get her bum wet!

Glyptodon also came with us, but he took one look at the weather and stayed in! But Bollan was determined to come outside with us and do a little gardening, so she made us dig up an old rain hat from the bottom of some closet. It's way too big for her, of course, but at least it keeps her nice and dry :)

On Sunday afternoon, just before we left, the sun came out for a few minutes. The Great Boll was very quick to run outside, but the ground was still wet, so she had to jump from plant to plant like a little Tarzan hedgie :)

We are going back there today, and the sun is still shining, so Bollan is hoping for a lot more garden fun in the week to come :) Keep watching, there may be more cuteness coming up soon :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Baker Boll

Last Saturday there was baking, and lots of it. Bollan put on her pretty apron and did her best to help with making the Foccacia. Mixing the oil and wine in the flour was a tough job for a little lady...
But she did good :)

It's important to check on the dough often, to make sure it's still there :p

Watching bread dough rise is a bit like watching paint dry, only it's a little faster and it makes you hungrier! 

But Bollan was good at that, too :)

All the bread was delicious, and we all agreed that Bollan could make a good career as a baker :)

Flower Power :)

The other day we took Bollan out for a trip to the botanical gardens, which we never visit despite the fact that we are practically neighbors. Bollan loves flowers, they are almost as pretty as she is!

There were so many colors and so many different smells, Bollan had to try them all :)

After smelling all those flowers Bollan's nose was covered with pollen in all the colors of the rainbow. Sadly I didn't get to take a picture of it, but it was very funny :)

It was fun to sit in the Rhododendron bush and blend in with the pretty flowers! 

Then she made herself even prettier with a wreath of Dandelions :)

There was even a pond with fish in the garden, but sadly they were a little too quick to get clear pictures of...

After all that running around and smelling stuff it was good to sit down on a park bench and relax in the sun for a while.

We definitely need to go back there some time :)

An exciting weekend

Last week we got visitors, and that was in itself exciting, but then there was celebration of a finished exam, and beer and all kinds of good food. Bollan came along to one of her favorite places and had her favorite beer (because it's so huge!) and yummy pizza!

We went to see the new Robin Hood movie, and of course Bollan came with us! She loves to go to the movies, even if there's no popcorn :) 

The movie was great, Bollan loved all the heroic men running around in heavy armor and fighting with swords and stuff! She now demands I make her a longbow and a bunch of tiny arrows...

After the movie we went to get a cup of coffee outside because the weather was so nice, but  as always Bollan ended up having a beer instead :)

On the way home we stopped to say hi to this hedgehog statue that's outside the university library. His Majesty the Hedgehog is the protector of the student union :)

He looked a little lonely on top of his stone pillar, so Bollan tried to give him a hug! Aww :)

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