Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Boll

Last night we celebrated midsummer with a great big bonfire, and it has been tradition for the children to dress up in costumes for this celebration. Bollan was very sad that she couldn't find a pretty costume in time, but the evening turned out to be fun anyway :) We even built a teeny tiny beacon out of gravel! We couldn't light a tiny fire on the beacon, so we put a pretty white pebble on top instead :)

For most of the evening, Bollan and Glyptodon were both nice and warm snuggled up in my bag, plus it kept most of the smoke (and smell!) away :)

Though the weather was great, it became a quite chilly after a while, so it was nice to move a little closer to the fire than the rest of the crowd to keep warm.

Sadly for Bollan there were no beer around yesterday, but she did manage to steal a few sips of my apple cider. She's a sneaky little Boll!

Apparently she sipped a little more of my cider than I'd suspected, she needed a little rest by the road on the walk back to the house after the party :p

Cheers! Hope everyone had a good time last night, whatever you were doing :)

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