Friday, June 4, 2010

An exciting weekend

Last week we got visitors, and that was in itself exciting, but then there was celebration of a finished exam, and beer and all kinds of good food. Bollan came along to one of her favorite places and had her favorite beer (because it's so huge!) and yummy pizza!

We went to see the new Robin Hood movie, and of course Bollan came with us! She loves to go to the movies, even if there's no popcorn :) 

The movie was great, Bollan loved all the heroic men running around in heavy armor and fighting with swords and stuff! She now demands I make her a longbow and a bunch of tiny arrows...

After the movie we went to get a cup of coffee outside because the weather was so nice, but  as always Bollan ended up having a beer instead :)

On the way home we stopped to say hi to this hedgehog statue that's outside the university library. His Majesty the Hedgehog is the protector of the student union :)

He looked a little lonely on top of his stone pillar, so Bollan tried to give him a hug! Aww :)

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  1. Yes, these were fun times. And the Great Boll is pretty as always. Oh, you pretty thing! And how proud she was that a hedgehod was the patron of students in Bergen!


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