Sunday, January 24, 2010

What The Boll wants...

The Boll gets! Her new friends/snacks are a bombardier beetle and a firefly :)

The bombardier beetle may not be the best pal, though, since it can shoot a mix of boiling hot chemicals out its back end when threatened... Beware of that bum, Boll!

The firefly, on the other hand, seems both friendly and tasty, and it glows!

In the end The Boll is happy and waiting for more crunchy friends to show up on her dinner table some time in the future :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The beautiful bugs

The mailman brought Bollan a pleasant surprise today, a book full of beaded critters looking very tasty and crunchy. Practically a cookbook of insects! The book is in French, the language of fine cuisine :)

Just look at all these goodies!

Make some for me, please?

So out came the beads and the metal wire, and now she waits exitedly to see what her devoted slave can make for her...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some friends of the family


Part of Bollan's extended family, a kind of adopted uncle for the kids, rescued from the souvenir shop at the Natural History Museum in Oslo. He doesn't speak much, just the odd grunt. He very much fears there will be a new Ice Age, as he barely survived the last one, but now he has his scarf to keep him warm during the Nordic winters :)

The Elephant:

A housewarming gift from some friends, meant as a mount for The Great Boll. He walks, flaps his ears and blows his trunk. The Boll proved to be a little too round, so she kept rolling off his back when he raised his head, so some kind of harness and a wagon will have to be constructed.

The Fox:

At first he was feared by The Boll because of his sharp teeth, but evetually he convinced her that he wouldn't bite. Now they're the best of friends :)


A monster from outer space. The story goes that he sleeps on the bottom of the Pacific, but we know better! He's good friends with Bollan and several other plushie creatures, and now recides happily on our bedroom shelf.


Meant as a friend for The Boll, but he's always a little anxious that she'll get hungry and eat him! Poor thing. So far she hasn't touched him, but maybe she just likes to play with her food...


A Furby baby, named after a certain (in)famous football player. He mostly sits on a shelf and sleeps the days away. Occasionally he wakes up and sings funny songs for us :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home, sweet home

Bollan and the family were looking forward to coming home after the holidays, going back to every day life again. The flight went well, they even got their own seat on the plane, and as always, safety is important!

When they got back to the apartment they discovered that it was almost freezing inside, only 3 degrees Celcius! Poor Glyptodon almost had a heart attack and had to rest on a hot water bottle for a while.

After recovering from that first freezing shock, they were all happy to meet their friends again, and they all snuggled up together to keep warm.

But most important, The Boll could finally relax with a (not so) cold beer :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bollan at the movies

The last few days have been busy for The Boll, she has been to the movies three times this week. That's a new record, and a very good one, because all three movies were great :) (She likes the cinema, her biggest favorite yet is of course Wall-E, the cutest robot ever!)

On Monday she saw Avatar in 3D. That was fun, with funny glasses and everything, they sat as you can see very well on her nose. And the movie had lots of yummy-looking creatures in it, so that was a bonus :) On Tuesday she saw The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, a crazy fantasy-like movie in a modern setting. A good story and well done. Today she went to see Sherlock Holmes. A good crime story and funny action movie. All three movies are highly recommended, and Avatar especially is best to see at the movies, since it's 3D :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bollan's Christmas holiday 2009

It was quite the eventful holiday this Christmas, as the whole family got to go along. Usually she comes with us on holiday by herself, while the family stays behind to watch over the apartment. Here they are all getting ready to go:

First they were reunited with some old friends, one of which is a very distant relative of the Boll from China. You can guess who that is :)

Then it was time for some preparations. Of course Bollan wanted to help, so she had us make her an apron for the baking. She loved making cookies in all kinds of yummy shapes, like bats, frogs and hearts. She wanted to make hegdehog cookies, too, but I'm not so sure we'd have the heart to eat them!

Piggen, Bollan's husband, naturally had the role of family Santa and had to get his own hat. Tiny and Iggy played Santa's little helpers.

When Christmas Eve finally arrived, the family even got a present all for themselves! Bollan opened it very carefully (because some obsessive people - like me - collect wrapping paper), and revealed a picture frame with lots of hedgehog pictures :) Later the pictures will probably be replaced with some of Bollan and her family.

Early on New Year's Eve she went for a walk on a frozen lake. It was a little scary, but the ice was about 8 inches thick, so there was nothing to worry about. It was just very, very cold. Good thing she had her vest to keep her warm :)

Introducing the family


Bollan's devoted husband. His name means "Spiky", but he's really a big softie. He's actually a hot water bottle cozy, and is therefore pretty floppy and spineless, but Bollan likes him :) He's good at taking care of the family when Bollan goes on holiday. Prefers wine rather than beer.


Oldest son, has been away at school in Sweden for a long time, so he speaks mostly Swedish. A cool kid with earpiercings and everything. He's called Iggy because the Swedish for "hedgehog" is "igelkott". Like his father he likes wine, even though he's a little too young.


Youngest child and daughter. She has a pet, The Mouse, a somewhat failed attempt at a felt Christmas decoration made many years ago. She will probably grow up to like beer, like her mother. Should we be worried?

Humpty Dumpty:

Youngest son. Got his name because of his body shape, not because he breaks easily :) A finger puppet.

The cousin:

Hasn't really got a name yet, he's just called The Cousin. Never says anything, but is always there :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The song that named The Boll

Some people might already know this, and I think I've mentioned it briefly before, that Bollan is named after a Norwegian children's song, written by Alf Prøysen. Here is the lyrics for the song, translated into English by my boyfriend.

Bolla the Hedgehog

As the sun rises round and yellow and colors the hilltops,
all the forest animals know that soon they must get up.
And the birds they begin their alarm clock choir,
then it rattles in the ditch where fern leaves grow.
For now Bolla the Hedgehog shall go to school.

The first thing Bolla the Hedgehog does, is collecting water.
She washes her face and paws as best she can,
and mum brushes her spikes that are standing every which way,
and even though mum pulls [the spikes] it doesn’t matter at all,
for now Bolla the Hedgehog shall go to school.

And mum makes her lunch, can you guess what it is?
Eight pieces of bacon and four raspberries,
and then a small drop of milk, which makes Bolla happy,
for father hedgehog has said that none shall touch it,
for it is reserved for Bolla the Hedgehog to have at school.

And now Bolla is all dressed, and now Bolla can leave,
she strolls over the yard, underneath blueberry heather and straw,
along the hedge over by the hill, around a huge pine tree,
she thinks a little about mum, but waddles determined on,
for now Bolla the Hedgehog shall go to school.

In the forest there’s a pine grove with four stumps,
and that’s the animal school, where Bolla the Hedgehog shall go.
School is lots of fun, with lots of children together,
she crawls up on her stump and grunts a cheerful “good day”.
For now Bolla the Hedgehog has arrived at school.

The original lyrics in Norwegian:
Bolla Pinnsvin

Tekst: Alf Prøysen

Når sola stiger rund og gul og farger åsens topp,
vet alle dyr i skoge at nå skal de snart stå opp.
Og fuglene de starter med sitt vekkerklokkekor,
da rasler det i grøfta der hvor bregneløvet gror.
For nå skal Bolla Pinnsvin gå til skolen.

Det første Bolla Pinnsvin gjør, det er å hente vann.
Hun vasker fjes og labbene så godt hun bare kan,
og mamma børster piggene som stritter rundt omkring,
og selv om mamma lugger gjør det ingen verdend ting,
for nå skal Bolla Pinnsvin gå til skolen.

Og mamma smører niste, kan du gjette hva det er?
Jo, åtte stykker museflesk og fire bringebær,
og så en liten melkeskvett, og da blir Bolla gla'
for pinnsvinfar har sagt at den får ingen lov å ta,
for den skal Bolla Pinnsvin ha på skolen.

Og så er Bolla ferdigkledd, og så kan Bolla gå,
hun tusler over tunet under blåbærlyng og strå,
langs hekken borti bakken rundt et digert furutre,
hun tenker litt på mamman sin men kjabber trutt avsted,
for nå skal Bolla Pinnsvin gå til skolen.

I skogen er en furulund med fire stubber på,
og det er dyreskolen, dit skal Bolla Pinnsvin gå
På skolen er det moro, der er mange barn i lag,
hun krabber opp på stubben sin og grynter blidt goddag.
Og så er Bolla Pinnsvin nådd til skolen.

Friday, January 1, 2010

About The Boll

For those who are not on Facebook, here are some facts about The Boll herself :)

She is a proper lady, and a pretty one, too. She likes to dress up as different things, but being pretty is of course the main priority. She is the ruling Miss Universe!

She also has a rock n roll personality that likes to go to rock concerts and drink beer. Whisky is also a favorite. Wine is acceptable, but she feels it's for the puny (like her husband).

Dogs are her greatest fear. Their teeth are huge and sharp and can bite her bum or her nose. When there are dogs or wolves on TV she has to hide behind us so they won't see her... She really is very brave, though, as you can see here, showing off between the jaws of a T-Rex at the Natural History Museum:

She's a huge fan of science fiction, and especially the Alien movies. The aliens look so crunchy and tasty! She has to watch those movies at least twice a year, and she also likes reading the comics...

All kinds of creepy crawlies are considered yummy snacks. Snakes, insects, snails and crabs. Ants are a fun food, as long as they don't bite her nose!

She has a thing for noses, they are a source for great entertainment. Once she put a bisquit on her nose to entertain us on a long and boring bus ride. It was very funny :)

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