Friday, January 1, 2010

About The Boll

For those who are not on Facebook, here are some facts about The Boll herself :)

She is a proper lady, and a pretty one, too. She likes to dress up as different things, but being pretty is of course the main priority. She is the ruling Miss Universe!

She also has a rock n roll personality that likes to go to rock concerts and drink beer. Whisky is also a favorite. Wine is acceptable, but she feels it's for the puny (like her husband).

Dogs are her greatest fear. Their teeth are huge and sharp and can bite her bum or her nose. When there are dogs or wolves on TV she has to hide behind us so they won't see her... She really is very brave, though, as you can see here, showing off between the jaws of a T-Rex at the Natural History Museum:

She's a huge fan of science fiction, and especially the Alien movies. The aliens look so crunchy and tasty! She has to watch those movies at least twice a year, and she also likes reading the comics...

All kinds of creepy crawlies are considered yummy snacks. Snakes, insects, snails and crabs. Ants are a fun food, as long as they don't bite her nose!

She has a thing for noses, they are a source for great entertainment. Once she put a bisquit on her nose to entertain us on a long and boring bus ride. It was very funny :)

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