Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Swedish hedgehog

I found a Swedish olympic hat sitting on the couch the other day. I have made a couple of these hats, and stuff is always lying around, so I didn't think much of it...

But then suddenly it moved!

I reached out to find out what was going on...

And it was Iggy! That little rascal was trying to steal one of the Swedish hats. He felt he should have one, so maybe I should make him one some day.

I think it's been mentioned before, but Iggy is Swedish. Kind of. When he came into the family his "name tag" said Igge Igelkott ("igelkott" being Swedish for "hedgehog"), so it was sort of natural to make him Swedish instead of Norwegian or Chinese, like Bollan and the rest of her family. That means he speaks Swedish. Not quite fluently all the time, because he's only been abroad for studies, but now he's apparently home for good and learning Norwegian again.

"Hej då!"

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